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Contact Financial focuses on providing its clients with investor relations support in four main areas. First, we reach out to the financial community in a dynamic and proactive manner that attracts new shareholders, making sure that potential investors understand a client's strategy for growth and its timeline for executing management plans. 

Experience has shown us that investors have a difficult time finding information on small- to mid-cap companies and often end up overlooking the best candidates. Using a methodical approach, we introduce our client's story to retail investors, financial advisors and other market participants, and in the process bring a whole new following to their stock. Regular updates ensure that, once established, interest remains high. 

Next, Contact Financial assembles a team to manage day-to-day inquiries from investors. Many of our clients had only the CFO or CEO as an investor contact before our team went to work for them. Enabling senior management to spend more time developing the business and building value for shareholders - especially as the company expands - is a particularly important aspect of our service offering. 

To be truly convincing, a story must be presented properly and its presentation geared toward a specific target audience. The third aspect of our service package reflects our understanding of how investors process the information they receive and what persuades them to express faith in a company by purchasing its shares. Be it digital materials for a website or the slide show for a presentation to fund managers, we help our clients identify key issues for investors and advise them on structuring ideas so that they push all the right buttons. 

In many ways, the culmination of our work on a client's behalf is the exclusive investor database we create and continuously expand. The whole point of investor relations is to keep existing shareholders informed and attract new investors who believe in a corporate story and are willing to hold stock they buy for the long term. Building this trust requires constant interaction with investors who have expressed interest in a client -- and oftentimes bought its shares. Keeping this important audience current on corporate developments is one of our database system's most important functions.

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