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Contact Financial's client base is comprised of small-cap companies trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange,TSX Venture Exchange and Canadian Stock Exchange. Our model client is an organization that has the potential to grow substantially and quickly but needs assistance in communicating its story to a broad range of existing and potential investors. Contact Financial is proud to represent the fine companies profiled below. 


    Lite Access Technologies Inc.


    Lite Access is a world leader in air blown and microduct solutions for fibre optic networks – a multi-billion dollar market.  The company’s proprietary microduct technology extends a network provider's ability to deliver true broadband connectivity directly to end-users, such as homes, government and educational institutions, and emergency response facilities. Providing a full portfolio of fibre connectivity solutions for many types of Telecom infrastructure, Lite Access has successfully deployed thousands of kilometres of microduct networks throughout N. and S. America, the U.K, the Caribbean, and Asia.  Management is very strong, 123% revenue growth fiscal 2013-2014; solid share structure with substantial inside ownership.   


    Earth Alive Clean Technologies


    Earth Alive is a world-leading biotechnology company using the latest innovations in microbial technology to develop and patent new, environmentally sustainable and economically viable products.  Operating in dust control and agriculture, their products solve a variety of industrial challenges without using environmentally harmful chemicals.  Distribution through Brenntag in Chile has its dust control product being used at Barrick’s Pascua-Lama mine; its biofertilizer products used in agriculture boost crop yields.  Heavy inside ownership (~33%) and One Drop (Cirque de Soleil) shareholder (~17%);  projecting $2.7M sales in FY2015 with 50% historical sales margins.  


    Pioneering Technology Corporation


    Pioneering Technology Corporation is a technology innovation company that designs and produces fire prevention solutions that save lives, time and energy.


    Immunoprecise Antibodies


    ImmunoPrecise is a profitable life sciences technology and product company engineering custom precision antibodies for the global research and industrial community.  The company uses proprietary techniques to produce mAbs faster than traditional methods.  The company is making a push towards humanized antibodies, a key step in the multi-billion dollar drug development cycle.  World-class team, solid capital structure, heavy inside ownership, well funded.  

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